Rick's Car Mart Ltd has a competitive edge in that it has a large stock of vehicles from which customers can choose.
Rick's Car Mart Ltd offers one of the nation's largest selections of quality pre-owned vehicles with many models to choose from.

Bank Repossessed
Rick's Car Mart Ltd not only offers its own cars for resale but also offers cars held for specific commercial banks in Nassau.

International Suppliers
Our vehicles are sourced from worldwide suppliers including auctions and dealerships in Japan, Germany and the USA.


Our storage facility is ideally suited for travelers who want to keep their vehicles safe while they are away from home and for corporations to store their vehicles. Rick's Car Mart Ltd provides storage facilities for all the major banks to store their repossessed vehicles.
Our storage is a fenced outdoor storage area. All vehicles are monitored 24 hours a day by an insurance company approved, alarm system and stand by backup generator.
We also offer a number of car care maintenance programs especially designed for vehicles while they are being stored.
We keep a full record of all work done on your vehicle.
Why store your car with us?
1. We have 10 years experience of caring for people's vehicles.
2. Our facilities are secure.
3. We care for your car as much as you do.
4. We provide excellent value for money.
5. When you leave your car with Rick's Car Mart Ltd Car Storage, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reliable, trusted service.


We heard your pleas that times are hard but you desperately need transportation so we did something about it.
In these economic uncertain times, we have made the cars our customers want more affordable and their payments more manageable. Rick's Car Mart Ltd has decided to make a bold step into the world of automotive financing and financial services

Financing Through Lending Institutions
We have negotiated with most of the major lending institutions companies in the country to provide the best possible financing options to our customers. Rick's Car Mart Ltd currently offers financing through the all of the major banks in the Bahamas.

In House Financing
Rick's Car Mart Ltd also offers in-house financing. Rick's Car Mart Ltd aims to revolutionize in-house financing and open the door to financial freedom for our customers.
As an extra bonus, persons who qualify for financing can enjoy our "No Down Payment" program.

Public Servants with Bruised Credit
Not everyone can qualify for a bank loan but they are in desperate need of transportation. No longer will our customers have to settle for taking the bus or bumming a ride because they do not qualify for a bank loan. Unlike many lending institutions we will welcome public servants consumers who are currently able to pay, but who may have suffered a bruised credit rating for one reason or another.

Private Employees with Salary Deduction Benefits
Consumers with less than desirable credit but work for a creditable company, such as a major hotel or work for a company that is on our salary deduction list, and they qualify for salary deduction will be able to get credit with us.
If you have any questions give us a call or come in and see what we have to offer.
Over the Counter
Those persons who are unable to a get salary deduction, may qualify for our "Over-the –Counter" program. You can walk out with a car for as low as a 0 % down payment.

qualify for salary deduction will be able to get credit with us.
If you have any questions give us a call or come in and see what we have to offer.
Over the Counter
Those persons who are unable to a get salary deduction, may qualify for our "Over-the –Counter" program. You can walk out with a car for as low as a 0 % down payment.


Rick's Car Mart Ltd makes having insurance easy.

Rick's Car Mart Ltd alliance with Advantage Insurance to provide a complete portfolio of insurance products for the automobile market that best fits our customer’s needs and budget.

Unlike the other car dealers, Rick's Car Mart Ltd provides comprehensive auto insurance on vehicles up to twelve (12) years.

Rick's Car Mart Ltd has a certified insurance agent on staff.


Rick's Car Mart Ltd is dedicated to serving all your automotive needs
We work hard every day to let you know that we care about fulfilling your transportation needs and desires. Your satisfaction in our services and products is our number one priority.
In order to better serve you we provide:

• lots of top rated cars to choose from,
• a hassle-free, convenient shopping experience,
• affordable prices without negotiating,
• assistance with getting financing,
• assistance with getting insurance,
• assistance in locating parts for your vehicle – if you do not have them in stock, and
• friendly customer service based on trust, honesty and integrity.


We offer the largest variety of up to date, affordable pre-owned vehicles on the island. We have the most popular models of Japanese and Asian cars including: Toyota Corolla, Toyota Avalon, Toyota Windom, Toyota Camry, Toyota RAV-4, Mitsubishi Galants, Mitsubishi Diamante, Mitsubishi Lancers, Honda Accords, Honda Acura Legend, Honda Inspire and Sabers, Honda CRV Jeeps, Nissans Blue Birds, Nissans Altima, Nissan Primera, BMW, Mercedes Benz of all types including SUVs.


We ensure our customers are happy with their choice of products from RCML by standing behind our product.

And just to make you comfortable, we offer a 30 day warranty on each engine and transmission


If we do not have what you want, we can order it for you.

Special orders take about 4-6 weeks.
A 25% non refundable deposit is required before shipping.


Our car loan program:
You must have the following to qualify.

  • Must be on current job for 1 year
  • Current job letter
  • Passport or legal document
  • Last pay slip or check stub
  • National insurance card
  • Drivers license
  • Insurance quotation
  • Existing loan printout
  • Utility bill in party’s name


Your loan application may be processed in as little as 24 hours.